NTNU’s innovative step: Mastering English faster with Azure OpenAI Service

Who: National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Dr. Hao-Jan Howard Chen, Professor, Department of English at NTNU, is the visionary behind the successful collaboration with the Taiwan Ministry of Education, leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to create an English-language learning platform named “Cool English.” The platform offers a personalized and immersive learning experience for Taiwanese students.

What: Boosting English proficiency with innovative technology

Aimed at bridging the proficiency gap in spoken English among Taiwanese students, NTNU introduced the Cool English platform, an innovative self-learning tool powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. The platform uses interactive, creative scenarios, such as song lyric completion and problem-solving within animated videos, to engage learners effectively.

Before: The need for enhanced language learning

Prior to the development of Cool English, Taiwanese students showed stronger skills in reading and writing English compared to speaking. Recognizing this gap, the Taiwan Ministry of Education collaborated with NTNU to empower students to improve their spoken English, thereby equipping them for global success in various industries.

The process: Creating an AI-powered learning platform

To provide an engaging and effective learning experience, NTNU developed 10 unique “CoolE” bots for the Cool English platform, using advanced language models, Davinci and ChatGPT, from Azure OpenAI Service. These bots, adjustable to the proficiency levels and age of the students, generate human-like interaction, fostering active learning and providing immediate, approachable feedback.

After: Reaping the benefits of AI in education

Since its launch in 2015, Cool English has gained over 1.4 million registered users, primarily elementary and middle school students. The language model’s approachable and realistic responses have encouraged more active learning, making it an invaluable resource for students.

Conclusion: Shaping the future of English education in Taiwan

With the Azure OpenAI Service, Cool English is taking an innovative step towards English education in Taiwan. NTNU, along with the Taiwan Ministry of Education, plans to further optimize the prototype bots and promote the platform extensively. By providing immediate feedback and realistic conversational practice, Cool English is helping students overcome the challenges of limited opportunities for real-life language practice, setting a new standard for English language learning in Taiwan.

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